Brumby’s Boss Resigns Over Carbon Tax Gaffe

While all Australians are now being ripped off by the introduction of a ‘carbon tax’, business has been warned not to use the tax as an excuse to hike up prices unless they can back it up and definitely do not blame the federal government for price hikes.

Well, Brumby’s Bakery CEO, Deane Priest, fell on his sword the day after sending out a memo to franchisees encouraging just that:

Mr Priest had authored the original newsletter which suggested franchisees increase prices during June and July and "let the carbon tax take the blame".

The bakery chain is part of the publicly listed Retail Food Group, which also owns Donut King and Michel's Patisserie. ABC

Considering that the memo was caught the day after it was sent, the federal government has virtually targeted the franchisees for customer fall-out instead of Mr Priest.

On Wednesday, Assistant Treasurer David Bradbury described Brumby's behaviour as "reprehensible" and accused the company of trying to "rip-off" their customers.

While most of Australia appreciates that the federal government are incompetent fools set to lose the next election in a landslide, Mr Bradbury has thankfully made sure he was included in the election out.