Freeway Brands are franchisors that have engaged Franchise Freeway as their franchise marketing, sales and development partner. Freeway handles the turn-key franchise development process.  We are exclusively responsible and accountable for the growth of our clients’ franchise systems and the recruitment of new franchisees.

We interface with our clients’ existing marketing and PR teams to ensure a consistent and professional message during our interaction with prospective franchisees.  Click here to learn how to become a Franchise Freeway Brand.



How it works:

  1. Get Started: Click on a Freeway Brand and enter your contact information. One of our Franchise Sales Associates (FSA) will contact you shortly.
  2. Get Qualified: If you like what you see, the next step is to complete a franchise application. No commitment necessary, just a way to qualify you financially and to make sure your desired territory is available.
  3. Get Informed: Our FSA will provide you with a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) so you can study the details of the franchise opportunity.
  4. Get Met: Our FSA will schedule and actively participate in a Discovery Day at Freeway Brand HQ so you can meet face-to-face with the Freeway Brand’s management team.
  5. Get Official: Our FSA will provide you with your franchise contracts.
  6. Get Open: As a new franchisee, you will work directly with the Freeway Brand’s team to start your journey to open your first franchised location.

Want to learn more?

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