"When Mike Halpern walked into my office I knew after talking to him for five minutes that Franchise Freeway was the company to roll out Fro.Zen.Yo. Looking back, it should have only taken me 2 minutes. The first word to come to mind when you describe Mike is professionalism. He has the expertise, experience, track record and people skills that have helped us grow our franchising business. Most importantly, his values and straightforward way of doing business reflects those of our company and brand accurately. We signed a contract with Franchise Freeway and they have lived up to every detail of the agreement. Going forward we are launching a new brand, ZOMBIE COFFEE and Freeway will spearhead that for us. Selling franchises is hard work and we truly appreciate their contribution to our company."

Chuck Rendelman, President, Fro.Zen.Yo Franchising, LLC